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Our Story

Dennis and Ann met on Match.com and became a modern day Brady Bunch with 3 kids each for a total of 6.  Unfortunately we don't have an Alice so it's been a challenging path.  Ann was an avid sailor and Dennis took a couple of American Sailing Association (ASA) courses soon into the relationship.  Dennis and Ann are expansive and wasted no time buying their own boat together soon after.  She is a 1984 Catalina 30’ monohull sailboat and she lives on the Chesapeake Bay.  This is our practice boat and is not designed for the open ocean and too small for full-time, liveaboard life. 

We plan to retire June 1, 2023, Dennis’s mandatory retirement date when he will have served 30 years in the Army.  

We plan to buy a Neel 51’ trimaran (http://www.neel-trimarans.com/modele_bateau/neel-51/).  A trimaran is much safer than a catamaran, more comfortable than a monohull, faster to escape bad weather, and spacious to accommodate our Brady Bunch, and possibly you!  

We plan to name her Just a Kiss which describes our wonderful 2nd date back in 2015.

Learn with us as we prepare to GTFO and sail the world!


Ann & Dennis


Our Goal

We both enjoy our careers but realize life is short and there is so much more to life than working.  So we have been saving money, earning more money in creative ways, and strategizing how we can retire in our early 50s.

Meet the Crew

Exploring the world, initially on a sailboat, then an RV, and finally as ex-pats.  The exploration will never end, just the mode of transportation!



Ann has been sailing for approximately 11 years.  She first learned to sail through the Pentagon Sailing Club on small 22' Catalinas.  She chartered progressively larger boats including several catamarans in the Caribbean.  She hopes to get her Captain's license before the sail away date, or at least more experience including ocean passages on larger boats like the future boat, a Neel 51' trimaran.

Dennis and Ann At the Helm of the Catana

Sailing Orenoque (2018)


Chief Mate

Dennis fully embraces Ann's sail away plan.  He received his ASA 101 and 103 certification from the Pentagon Sailing Club in 2016.  Immediately after finishing his sailing classes, they bought a 1984 Catalina 30' that they keep in a wet slip on the Chesapeake Bay.  As a former Chinook pilot for the Army, Dennis already understands winds and compass headings. After all, a sail is just another foil!

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